Washing your face more than twice a day is more than enough. During summer days our face feels like its melting and the only thing comes to mind is washing to wash away the oils. While using cleanser it may feel like we wash off excess oil but in reality your skin will go in over drive telling your sebaceous gland to start producing more oils to replace what was washed causing your skin to get oily. Especially for those who already have a combination to oily skin this will cause your skin to look oily and not dewy. Use a facewash without sulfates, oils, parabens, and perfumes. A gel formula that foams a little bit (Boscia Black Cleanser) is great but find something you like and works for you. Washing your face twice a day and definitely after makeup, makeup wipes are great but even after I wash when I use toner I see residual makeup on the cotton pad. (Neutrogena)

Blotting Paper

Your best friend especially during the summer months, to keep your make up on and no shine blotting papers are great. Sometimes you can buy them in bulk. In the midst of summer after an hour outside my skin looks like I had just came out of a sauna blotting papers are my best friend I keep them in my bag just dab gently on your skin, what I also do is since a touch my face or kiss my kids I slightly run my powder brush over my T-zone or oily areas. If you’re out and about tissue paper will do the job again you want to dab it over your T-zone and oily areas.